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Residential Landscaping

Residential Landscaping, Burlington County NJ | Kurt's Complete
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Residential Landscaping

We provide Residential Landscaping Services in Burlington County NJ, including Landscape Design, Landscape Maintenance, Seasonal Yard Cleanup, Landscape Lighting, and Hardscaping.

Residential Landscaping, Burlington County NJ | Kurt's Complete

Whether you need to completely renovate with a full landscape installation or simply maintain your current landscape design, Kurt's Complete has a solution. Our wide range of flexible options, paired with our extensive experience, gives our customers the ability to decide on a landscape design for their Burlington County home that meets and ideally exceeds their vision. We offer an extensive catalog of options and materials and will work within your budget to find the best solution for you.

What Can Our Annual Burlington County NJ Residential Landscape Maintenance Services Do For You?

At Kurt's Complete we love helping our customers enhance curb appeal by providing our comprehensive, all-inclusive Burlington County NJ area Residential Landscape Maintenance services. This service will keep your landscaping looking sharp all year! Utilizing our proprietary system that consistently outshines our competition, you can expect your home's landscape to be the cornerstone of your neighborhood!

Pruning and Trimming

Our exceptional landscape maintenance services for our Burlington County NJ residential customers regularly includes having all vegetation, shrubs, trees, and vines pruned and trimmed appropriate to their species, maintaining growth within space limitations. This is done to either maintain or enhance the natural growth habit, and can help to eliminate diseased or damaged growth, keeping your plants healthier and lasting longer. It also allows for unobstructed passage for pedestrians and vehicles, keeping residents and their guests safe.

Weeding and Weed Prevention

Following our trimming and pruning process, our team of experts will ensure that mulch beds will be cleared of all weeds, shrub trimmings and any residual brush or leaves. Pre-emergent will also be applied to all bed areas to assist with weed prevention. Our granular pre-emergent material is an environmentally friendly product that hinders the recurring germination of broadleaf weeds within bed systems.

Residential Landscaping, Burlington County NJ | Kurt's Complete

Pre-Edging and Mulching of Garden Beds

Finally, all garden beds will be properly pre-edged to maintain a straight or curved line, preserving the intended landscape concept. Having properly pre-edged beds will eliminate any mulch encroachment during inclement weather, keeping a perpetually neat and manicured landscape for your Burlington County property. Mulch will then be installed in all appropriate beds, shaped evenly with an overall depth of 2-3 inches. We will also taper the mulch down into the bed edges to present an aesthetically pleasing and professional appearance.

Removal of Debris

Most importantly, at the completion of our landscape maintenance work our team will ensure all debris from the service will be removed from the property completely and discarded accordingly.

How Can We Help With Your Burlington County NJ Residential Landscape Design?

If you're in need of landscape design for your Burlington County NJ home, look no further than Kurt's Complete. With almost 20 years of experience in creative custom landscape design and renovation, we can add value to your property's curb appeal and appearance. We will always work with you in understanding your vision, creating a design that brings that vision to reality. We source planting materials from leading local nurseries to secure the finest mulch, soil, trees, shrubs, and plants available. We can work with you on remodeling or renovating an existing landscape design concept or develop and install an entirely brand new design that will best suit your property's vision and needs. We also specialize in new construction landscape design in Burlington County NJ from the ground up, including consultation, design, build, and installation solutions.

What Do We Offer for Burlington County NJ Seasonal Leaf and Debris Yard Cleanup Services?

It's inevitable that when the seasons change, debris will accumulate! Kurt's Complete offers all-inclusive, total care Early Spring and Fall Seasonal Yard Cleanup services for Burlington County NJ residential customers.

Early Spring Yard Cleanup

Our Early Spring Cleanup is typically performed in pre-season, prior to the start of turf maintenance, and includes a full cleaning of your property corner to corner, eliminating leaves and debris created from the changing seasons. This also includes removing loose branches and sticks. Debris from the Early Spring Cleanup service will be removed from the property and discarded off-site.

Residential Landscaping, Burlington County NJ | Kurt's Complete

Fall Yard Cleanup

Our Fall Seasonal Yard Cleanup services are typically performed for our Burlington County NJ area customers once in November and once in December. These are timed with the municipal natural debris collection schedule (if applicable), and options for Fall Seasonal Cleanup debris haul away are also available. This service includes a full cleaning of your entire Burlington County property, including mulch beds, hard surfaces, and turf areas. Our team will be sure to leave the property free of leaves and debris created from the turn of seasons. We will always clear loose branches and expired annuals and discard them accordingly, leaving your property looking perfect and clean for the next growing season.

What Kind of Residential Hardscape Services Do We Provide in Burlington County NJ?

Kurt's Complete also offers hardscaping services for Burlington County NJ homeowners. A thoughtfully designed hardscape can increase the resale value of your property. Potential buyers often appreciate well-maintained outdoor spaces, and hardscaping adds to the overall appeal and functionality of your property. Let us create a beautiful, functional outdoor area that will provide opportunities for relaxation, entertaining guests, and enjoying outdoor activities. If you are in the market for a hardscape design for your Burlington County NJ area property, such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, or edge stone, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to present a design with a range of various material options to transform your ideas into reality.

How Can Landscape Lighting Accentuate My Burlington County NJ Home?

Nothing completes the look of a landscape and hardscape design like tasteful landscape lighting for your Burlington County NJ home. If you would like to show off your new or existing landscaping with strategically placed exterior lights, we offer a multitude of home exterior lighting and design packages in Burlington County NJ and surrounding South Jersey areas.

Contact Us for Burlington County NJ Residential Landscaping Services

We're happy to help keep your garden and lawn looking immaculate and more vibrant than ever this season, day or night! We promise to complete your project professionally and efficiently, whether you need landscape, hardscape, or lighting design for your Burlington County NJ home. Contact us today to bring your dream aesthetic to life! We have the solution to get the job done right the first time. Call us at 856-912-9682, or email us, to learn more about our residential landscaping services in Burlington County NJ.

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